• Married couples and married people attending alone with children aged preschool to young adult.
  • Seek to grow in their relationships with Christ and build strong families by participating in biblically-based studies that address a wide range of issues
  • All are invited to attend.

Open Table

• Married couples with children in elementary and middle school
• Self-taught class with a couple of volunteers who rotate leading the discussion
• Sunday School is an opportunity to learn more about our faith, to share ideas about practical application of faith—from raising children to managing careers to strengthening marriages
• In the fall, will do a series on comparative religions
• On a typical Sunday, have 6-8 attendees and usually have 6-8 couples at class social events 
• Meet in the last room on the left upstairs, room 303


• Couples, marrieds attending alone and singles, ages 50+ 
• Discussion-oriented class with volunteer facilitators/teachers leading us in Bible study and in works by various Christian authors 
• Active class that participates in mission and volunteer projects, as well as social events



• Couples, singles, and marrieds attending alone, ages 40s-50s with Children aged middle school to college and young adults
• Relaxed fellowship and small-group atmosphere
• Focus on Bible studies and life application for Christian families
• Service-oriented (e.g. Family Promise, Women’s Extension, MUST, etc.)